Just Nan

The VIctoria Sampler


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Just Nan JNC03

Joyous Ark Antique Gold Charm

Price:     $ 4.00

Just Nan JNC06

Antique Gold FlutterBead for Butterfly Lace JNCS01

Price:     $ 4.50

Just Nan JNC09

Painted LadyBead for Reginald T. Hedgehog JNS017

Price:     $ 6.50

Just Nan JNC10

Antique Gold Teddy Charm for Quilted Bear JNCS02

Price:     $ 5.50

Just Nan JNC12

All Aboard Charms for JN071

Price:     $ 7.50

Just Nan JNC14

Painted Nutcracker Charm for Nutcrakder Santa JNS021

Price:     $ 10.00

Just Nan JNC16

Mouse Charm Antique Gold for Calico Kate JNS022

Price:     $ 4.50

Just Nan JNC19

Sparkle Bee

Price:     $ 6.50

Just Nan JNC21

Painted Gold Heart Angel Charm for Wildflower Wishes JN089

Price:     $ 7.50

Just Nan JNC23

Bluebird Charm

Price:     $ 6.50

Just Nan JNC28

Painted Sheep Charm for Morning Song JN098

Price:     $ 6.00

Just Nan JNC31

Painted Pig Charm for Plant Kindness JN105

Price:     $ 6.00

Just Nan JNC32

Tiny Frame Charm for Snowflake Santa JN109

Price:     $ 8.00

Just Nan JNC33

"Spooky" Bat Charm for Beware JN110

Price:     $ 6.50


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Just Nan JNC34

White Rabbit Charm (comes with free Jump For Joy pattern)

Price:     $ 6.00


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Just Nan JNC35

Fairy Charm (comes with free Fairy Roses pattern)

Price:     $ 8.50

Just Nan JNC36

Pewter Scarecrow Charm for Needle In A Garden JN115

Price:     $ 5.00

Just Nan JNC37

Painted Bird Bath Charm for High Hopes JN118

Price:     $ 7.00

Just Nan JNC41

Pewter Snowman Charm for Frosty Hopes JN126

Price:     $ 5.50

Just Nan JNC42

Ghoul Box Charm for Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls! (JN134)

Price:     $ 8.50

Just Nan JNC44

Painted Robin Bead for Robin's Wreath JN144

Price:     $ 7.50

Just Nan PCC06

Antique Gold Frog Charm for Spring Peepers JNPC06

Price:     $ 0.75

Just Nan PCC07

1 Big Bee, 1 Little Bee for Big Bee, Little Bee JNPC07

Price:     $ 1.35

The Victoria Sampler 28CP

Butterfly Garden Charm Pack

Price:     $ 4.80

The Victoria Sampler 30CP

Lavender Hearts Charm Pack

Price:     $ 10.20

The Victoria Sampler 37CP

Close at Heart Charm antique mauve

Price:     $ 5.80